My Patagonia board shorts from 1996 still serve me well, a few stitches and some serious fading hasn't made them any less useful, and though their days are numbered, they gave me a useful life and that is something I deeply respect.  So when creating our own goods,  we designed and built them with longevity in mind.  We also understand that accidents happen, materials get tired and components wear down.  So use our goods freely and enjoy their durable nature and if they do not deliver you a "Useful Life" then contact us and we will make it right. Our production team takes great pride in their craftsmanship and we choose the best possible materials to build with. If you ever need a repair or modification, one of the benefits of manufacturing locally is we have all the resources necessary to keep your eqpd gear going.

And in our efforts to keep things out of the landfill and keep products alive, you can visit us the first Thursday of each month for "fix your gear night" 4-7pm. Our free event is open to anyone who needs a quick stitch, rivet, buckle, webbing . . . a repair that would take 15 minutes or less. Tents and zippers are tricky and usually take much longer to repair, but our team fixes those things on the side and would be happy to help. Contact them at